Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Andy and his team understand that going to the dentist can be an unpleasant experience for some people. For that reason, we are happy to offer patients a variety of methods to help make the dental experience more comfortable.

Prescribing oral medication

Anxiolysis is a form of oral sedation using a light sedative, such as xanax. It’s not as strong as oral conscious sedation, so we recommend it for those with mild to moderate anxiety. You will remain conscious for the procedure, but any tension and anxiety will likely fade away. You will be able to talk and breathe on your own during the procedure as well.

Nitrous Oxide

Known to many patients as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the most commonly used form of sedation in dentistry. It is administered by having the patient inhale the gas, which is carefully monitored by your doctor. You will fall into a euphoric state and feel completely relaxed. All feelings of fear and anxiety fade away, leaving you to sit back peacefully while your dental procedure is performed.
Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe and effective. We ask that our patients have nothing to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to work being performed with nitrous oxide. Once the procedure is over the nitrous oxide will wear off fairly quickly, and you will probably be able to drive yourself home and return to your daily activities. You will need to have a preliminary visit with your dentist to make sure that you are an eligible candidate for nitrous sedation. Ask us about sedation dentistry and schedule your appointment today.